Finish options

Fine and rare real wood veneers

Choose the look you want from a wide range of exquisite veneers, specially selected for their beauty and quality to make your box stand out from the crowd.


Options include:

  • Maple (burr, ripple and bird's eye pattern)
  • Mahogany - 'Flame', pomelle and 'ripple' figure
  • Walnut - burr, ripple and crown figure
  • Highly figured satinwood, sycamore and Swiss pear
  • Burrs - wide range including elm, myrtle, redwood, yew and others



  • Brazilian Mahogany - the good stuff - original old growth stocks with a beatiful 'clay red' colouring, in very limited supply nowadays due to export controls; rare old deadstock originally imported years ago.
  • Thuya Burr - A stunning burr with black speckles and fiery swirls. Only grows on the roots of a tree in its native Morocco, so has to be dug up, and only appears in small quantities at very high prices
  • Brazilian Rosewood. Proper Dalbergia Nigra - The real thing, not one of the many woods masquerading as Brazilian Rosewood. Totally unavailable since 1992 due to a complete ban on harvesting and export, this is as rare as Shrine records - possibly rarer. Only possible to obtain as a veneer if you can find some unused deadstock that was imported before the ban; our stock is around 50 years old.


***NOTE: Items made with Brazilian Rosewood cannot be sent abroad, so please take care not to order this option if you are an overseas customer. UK customers should not attempt to take a record case made with Brazilian Rosewood through customs as it may be confiscated - if you get a booking abroad, leave the Brazilian Rosewood case at home! Please bear this in mind when ordering.

Gold Star record cases

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Click on the titles below to get an idea of what your box could look like.

Maple burr (centre panels)

Ripple walnut (borders)

(Tulipwood (inlay on lid top)